Best Places to Live In Miami: Coral Gables

July 10, 2018

In South Florida there is a place that looks just like a movie or something that came out of a dream. It’s called Coral Gables and it’s one of the most beautiful and oldest areas of South Florida. Originally designed by George Merrik in 1925, it is known for its lush tree-lined avenues, luxurious houses and buildings of Mediterranean, colonial and Italian architecture, winding streets and beautiful gardens.

Today, Coral Gables, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most popular destinations for travelers visiting Miami, because interesting and fun places are found on every corner; but for many the charm of this place is so strong that they decide to make this their new home.

It’s not surprising after all: Coral Gables was named one of the 100 best cities to live in the United States, since among everything it has to offer to its inhabitants, we found the prestigious University of Miami, its four beaches to visit in any time where you can relax with the sound of the waves, and a huge variety of shops, museums and restaurants that will fascinate everyone who visits this place. In addition, the health needs are met by the Baptist Hospital and for the residents of the municipality there are 50 parks available. Also, you will find people dedicated to countless civic activities.

In summary, this place offers everything anyone wants for live comfortably. Whether as a family or a single person here you will find the peace, order, charm and high quality of life that you want to have in your day to day.

Come to Coral Gables and see it for yourself!